North State Together is proud to partner with SCAILE as a new collaborator in our quest to expand postsecondary attainment in our five county region.

SCAILE (Shasta College Attainment and Innovation Lab for Equity) is a project that has evolved from the work of North State Together, the Lumina Talent Hub and the Innovation Awards at Shasta College.

The goal of SCAILE is to create a place where policy, practice, inquiry and applied research are integrated to foster innovation in educational attainment and the reduction of equity gaps with a spotlight on the changing dynamics of rural communities.

We believe that if we expand learning systems that are tied to county priorities and include student success strategies that are relevant to local stakeholders, then we will be able to provide more opportunities for postsecondary attainment that lead to positive economic outcomes for individuals and their communities.

What will that mean for North State Together?
SCAILE will work with each of our counties to identify the credentials and degrees that are most relevant to the local economies. We will also work together to figure out how to engage people into those postsecondary pathways.

This could mean expanding options for adult learners through credit for prior learning or partnerships with local employers, or figuring out ways to increase four year options for students without having to leave our north state region.

What we would like from our County Network partners?
Very similar to the Kindergarten Readiness work, we would love to tailor this work to the needs of each county while at the same time creating a regional task force to share ideas and best practices throughout the North State. Please consider who from your county might enjoy being a part of this process. We desire broad representation from the counties and will also reach out to Shasta College, College of the Siskiyous, CSU Chico and other college partners to maximize and expand postsecondary pathways.

Who is SCAILE anyway?
Actually, SCAILE is currently led by a familiar face, Kate Mahar. Kate has been on loan to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to support Guided Pathway and Equity work for all of the colleges in the far north. She is thrilled to be back in our region to support this important work.  Kate will attend our NST Advisory Board meetings and is excited to learn more from all of you! More information about the Postsecondary Task Force will be forthcoming, and we are thrilled to get your voices and input as we launch this new effort for North State Together.