Building off the research provided by STRIVE Together and informed by our local collaboratives, North State Together will identify key “cradle to career” benchmarks that will frame the efforts in each county and provide guideposts for our region as a whole.

Key success indicators will include:

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Early Grade Reading
  • Middle Grade Math
  • High School Graduation and College Readiness (A-G rates, CTE Pathways will capstone)
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment
  • Post-Degree Completion

In addition, each county will set individual “contextual indicators” that align with the visions of each county and community collaboration. Examples may include health indicators, economic indications and/or community goals.

The broad indicators will be shared across the region and data about each will be provided to each county. However, each community will set their own benchmarks. And, each county will create their own action plans for addressing the priority area that most resonates with their needs and goals.

This page will provide an overview of these efforts, and serve as a “Resource” for sharing best practices and work of other collective impact efforts nationwide.

Please watch for updates, and if you would like to be involved with this work, please contact the NST Planning team.