North State Together partners with the National Student Clearinghouse research department to provide post-secondary enrollment, persistence, retention, and completion data for our region.
This chart shows the percentage of high school students who enrolled in college in the fall semester immediately following graduation. While for many years our region’s First Fall after High School college enrollment rate remained a steady 58-59% we dropped 11% for Fall 2020. And while the drop in enrollment due to COVID-19 is significant, it could be worse. At an 11% drop, our region is fairing much better than the rest of the nation. Nationwide far fewer graduates went to college immediately after high school this fall, declining by 21.7% compared to 2019 graduates.
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Where they go, when they go

National Student Clearinghouse data can also tell us what colleges our high school graduates attend the first fall after high school graduation. The chart below is for the North State (Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Trinity counties) high school graduates, class years 2013-2020, and where they attended the first fall after their high school graduation.

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