Over 30 kids ages 6-16 participated in a 2 week camp. 30+ kids represents about 25% of all school-aged kids in the valley! The first week centered on STEM activities from GSK/Franklin Institute curriculum – How to be an Engineer…Electrical, Biomedical, Structure, and Environmental, and building a robotic hand that responds to biofeedback from BrainCo. The 2nd week centered on the arts. The group wrote the lyrics, the music, choreographed the dance, tie-dyed their own shirts, and produced this video under the guidance of Dan Roeder with the David Z Foundation. A great experience…and really the ONLY kid-activity offered in the valley this summer!
Thanks to sponsors Advancing Modoc Youth, Surprise Valley Ed Foundation, BrainCo, GSK and SiskiyousWorks! Their volunteer hours and grant funding made this a totally free event.