North State Together Awarded $75,000

We are grateful for S.H. Cowell Foundation’s commitment to support training, coaching, and capacity-building for backbone staff and our five county leadership teams in the North State Together network. Their support will help us reach our 18-month strategic plan goals to:
  • Adopt and implement a common framework that will guide the work of the NST backbone team, county networks and companion projects (SCAILE and the Alliance Project)
  • Convene at the North State Together Summit in Spring 2022 for county networks to receive training on StriveTogether Theory of Action Framework, enhance coalition building, and support county-based work
  • Send cohort of NST team, county leadership and partners to National StriveTogether Convening, Fall 2022, to learn from other collaboratives and engage with other partnerships doing similar work
  • Convene at the North State Together Summit in conjunction with the launch of Community Leadership Center in Summer 2023 to enhance coalition building, expand stakeholders, and share progress achieved
  • Explore Pathways to Equity through StriveTogether framework and develop localized strategies to address diversity, equity and inclusion at county and program levels.
  • Implement county-based capacity building plans and coaching strategies to empower work of the county networks, Spring 2022 through Summer 2023
A special thank you to Dr. Kate Mahar, Executive Director of SCAILE, for lending grant writing expertise to support North State Together and SCAILE’s work in our region.
S.H. Cowell Foundation invests in families, education and youth to collectively increase the opportunity for lasting community improvement.