AB 2517 – It Takes a Village Act: Funding CA Cradle to Career Networks

AB 2517 – It Takes a Village Act – Funding CA Cradle to Career Networks

North State Together is proud to serve on the CA Cradle to Career Coalition. The Coalition is thrilled to announce their co-sponsorship of AB 2517 which would establish the California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Program to be administered by the State Department of Social Services. The bill would grant awards to eligible entities such as regional cradle-to-career networks to either implement a comprehensive, integrated continuum of cradle-to-career solutions at the neighborhood level or support the civic infrastructure and backbone of cradle-to-career networks that support their network partners to accomplish systems change. The bill would require grant recipients to contribute matching funds.
“This bill as an important step forward in sustaining collective impact partnerships such as North State Together who seek to align community resources, strategies, and interventions to ensure equity of opportunity for ALL in their communities.”
– Jamie Spielmann, Director of Planning and Development for North State Together and CA Cradle to Career Coalition leadership table member