Andrew Fitzhugh

Andrew Fitzhugh is a dedicated Program Coordinator with a unique blend of educational experience, administrative acumen, and commitment to community engagement. He is an integral member of the North State Together team, a rapidly growing organization providing crucial regional backbone support to county-based cradle-to-career collective impact networks. Andrew’s commitment to fostering student success and his diverse experiences in the field make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Andrew’s career journey began as a Student Services Specialist for North State Together, Umoja, and The Alliance Project. In this role, he excelled in handling administrative responsibilities while delivering essential support services aimed at promoting student achievement. His contributions played a vital role in enhancing the educational experience of countless students.

Andrew’s academic background further underscores his commitment to personal growth and development. As a former men’s basketball student-athlete at Shasta College from 2013-2015, he honed his skills on and off the court. During this time, he earned an Associate of Arts in Business Administration. Continuing his academic journey, Andrew transferred to CSU, Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA, where he continued his basketball career as a proud member of the Keelhaulers. In April of 2017, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business & Logistics, demonstrating his ability to balance the demands of athletics with a rigorous academic program.

Andrew’s commitment to professional growth remains unwavering, as he is pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics through Southern Oregon University. This ongoing dedication to learning reflects his desire to stay at the forefront of industry trends and further contribute to the success of North State Together.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Andrew finds fulfillment by devoting his time to his loved ones and giving back to the community. Coaching high school basketball teams and mentoring young athletes is a passion of his, and he takes great pride in instilling in them the values of teamwork and discipline. These moments of genuine connection and camaraderie bring him immense joy and contentment, which he carries with him throughout his daily life.