NST Webinar: A Recap of Recovering with Equity Deep Dives

Recovery with Equity

Explore the invaluable findings of the Recovery with Equity: A Roadmap for Higher Education After the Pandemic – February 2021 Report by California For All.

Andrew Fitzhugh, NST Program Coordinator, curated a compilation of North State Together’s four chosen Recovery with Equity initiatives under the Regional K-16 Education Collaborative grant. These deep dives will focus on analyzing the key takeaways and recommendations on the following: Support College Preparation and Early Credit, Retain Students through Inclusive Supports, Implement High-Tech, High-Touch Advising, and Cultivate Inclusive, Engaging, and Equity-Oriented Learning Environments. Click here to view the video.

00:00 – Deep Dive #1: Support College Preparation and Early Credit

21:00 – Deep Dive #2: Retain Students through Inclusive Supports

34:26 – Deep Dive #3: Implement High-Tech, High Touch Advising

42:16 – Deep Dive #4: Cultivate Inclusive, Engaging and Equity-Oriented Learning Environments

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