Glenn 2 Greatness exists to equip the next generation of educators and healthcare providers with marketable skills. Our mission is to assist learners in acquiring jobs in the healthcare and education industries by providing them with access to local education/career pathways.

Leadership Values & Vision

Glenn County’s newly formed network is supported by an executive steering committee. The purpose of the executive steering committee is to create an environment conducive to cross- collaboration between community builders including the education, business, philanthropic/nonprofit, and civic sectors so that local resources are stewarded and made accessible to ALL Glenn county residents who are in pursuit of professions in the healthcare and education industries. Together, a cross-sector group of stakeholders will make collective decisions toward the implementation and direction of grants.


Workgroups are currently being formed to focus on the network’s annual work plan goals:

  1. Implement high-tech, high touch advising to support career/college preparation and early credit accrual

  2. Establish/bolster medical health simulation labs, ensuring infrastructure barriers (such as childcare and transportation) are addressed in order to maintain an inclusive, engaging, and equity-oriented learning environment

  3. Create and promote a marketing campaign that creates awareness of Glenn County’s health pathway and increases enrollment in program offerings from middle school to postsecondary education.


To get involved with a Workgroup in your area of expertise or passion, please email the Glenn 2 Greatness Coordinator, Christine Taylor, at: ctaylor@glenncoe.org.

Glenn 2 Greatness Increases Partnerships Along K16 Continuum

Glenn 2 Greatness recognizes that effective pathway development requires many cross-sector partners working together in collective impact. Collaboration and human-centered design lie at the heart of the network’s decision-making. Since its inception last summer, Glenn 2 Greatness has been fortunate to gain the support of several influential leaders.

Health Pathway


Forging the way in healthcare is nonprofit sector partner, Rachel Sanchez, Director of Community Health at Healthy Rural California, Incorporated. Through their Healthcare Professions Pathways Program, Butte, Glenn, Shasta and Tehama students, who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing and medicine, may apply for an eight-week paid internship. Over the summer, students participate in job shadowing, site rotations, financial aid education, mentoring with healthcare professionals, academic preparation, and counseling. Upon completion of the program, students report their experiences to a committee. Currently, the Healthcare Professions Pathways Program is training four Glenn County students. This program will be offered annually for the next three years to incoming high school seniors or recent graduates, college students, graduate students, and medical residents interested in pursuing careers in medicine or nursing.

Another exciting opportunity, offered by Healthy Rural California, Incorporated, is Medical Education Clubs. Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, Med Ed Clubs will be offered to all interested Glenn County High Schools. The intent of Med Ed Clubs is to bring physicians, nurses, and other allied health leaders onto school campuses as guest speakers, mentors, and advocates. Med Ed faculty will support schools in creating and accessing healthcare workforce curricula, learning activities, internship matches, and stipends for students.

By 2024, the network seeks to:

  • increase high school student referrals for dual course enrollment in medical health pathways
  • provide medical health simulation labs
  • increase course enrollment opportunities in medical health pathways

Education Pathway


G2G is advancing its education pathway this coming school year with the expansion of the Classified Employee Credential Program. Dr. Aaron Koch, Chico State University Instructor and Educational Service Coordinator for Glenn County Office of Education, has been mentoring a cohort of classified personnel working toward earning their teaching credentials.

In July 2021, the state appropriated $125 million to expand the California Classified School Employees Teacher Credentialing Program. Glenn County Office of Education secured grant funding to recruit and retain classified school employees into teaching careers, addressing the state’s teacher shortage in STEM, special education, bilingual education, and transitional kindergarten. The Classified Employee Credential Program provides financial assistance for tuition at Chico State University and other accredited schools to support undergraduate education, professional teacher preparation, and certification. Classified employees are provided with academic guidance and other forms of individualized support for undergraduate education, teacher preparation, and overall transition to becoming credentialed teachers.

Dr. Aaron Koch will be coordinating with the network to bridge all elements in the K-16 Education Pathway. By 2026, the network seeks to:

  • increase high school student referrals for dual course enrollment in education pathways
  • increase high school student enrollment in A-G courses
  • assist with establishing pathway roadmaps that show future students the required A-G course sequences, industry requirements (such as degrees and certifications), and employment opportunities available in the education industry

K16 Continuum


Bolstering both pathways in Glenn County is long-established K16 Bridge Builder, Stacey Garrett. Stacey Garrett is the Director of UC DAVIS-GEAR UP RURAL VALLEY PARTNERSHIP. GEAR UP stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. The federally funded programs serve over 2,000 students in rural areas north of the Sacramento Valley. Services are provided to cohorts of students beginning in middle school through high school.

At present, GEAR UP Advisors provide inclusive supports and high-tech, high-touch advising in college preparation and early credit to three of Glenn County’s high school districts-Hamilton, Orland, and Willows. In the 2023-24 school year, GEAR UP hopes to increase UC Davis’ capacity to serve more high school youth in the county through event participation in the Fostering the Future Program, a middle school Career Technical Education Signing ceremony, and a High School Industry & College Signing celebration. 

Christine Taylor, Coordinator

Christine was originally appointed coordinator for this network because of her extraordinary energy, intelligence, and innovative approach to project management. She was then elected by her peers to the position of Chair for the network’s executive steering committee.

Christine seeks to inspire action by living out her “Why Statement.” According to motivational speaker Simon Sinek, inspirational leadership begins with a “Why Statement.” Christine strives to be a creator of positive experiences. She enjoys fostering community connections and curating professional and personal resources so that others can thrive. She invites others on a journey to live life to the fullest by seeing how they can serve their community.