A collective approach

Glenn County has formed Glenn 2 Greatness. Glenn 2 Greatness operates from a collective impact model with an emphasis on human- centered design. Our network is currently composed of local leaders representing sectors in educational services, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, and civic arenas of influence. The executive steering committee brings together key people from Orland Rotary, Glenn County Community Action Department, Glenn County Public Health, Glenn Medical Center, Quest Diagnostics, Northern Valley Indian Health, Butte College, UC Davis, Willows Unified School District, the Small School District Association, and Glenn County Office of Education.


Glenn 2 Greatness exists to equip the next generation of educators and healthcare providers with marketable skills. Our mission is to assist learners in acquiring jobs in the healthcare and education industries by providing them with access to local education/career pathways.

Leadership Values & Vision 

Glenn County’s newly formed network is supported by an executive steering committee. The purpose of the executive steering committee is to create an environment conducive to cross- collaboration between community builders including the education, business, philanthropic/nonprofit, and civic sectors so that local resources are stewarded and made accessible to ALL Glenn county residents who are in pursuit of professions in the healthcare and education industries. Together, a cross-sector group of stakeholders will make collective decisions toward the implementation and direction of grants.


Workgroups are currently being formed to focus on the network’s annual work plan goals:

  1. Implement high-tech, high touch advising to support career/college preparation and early credit accrual 
  2. Establish/bolster medical health simulation labs, ensuring infrastructure barriers (such as childcare and transportation) are addressed in order to maintain an inclusive, engaging, and equity-oriented learning environment 
  3. Create and promote a marketing campaign that creates awareness of Glenn County’s health pathway and increases enrollment in program offerings from middle school to postsecondary education. 


To get involved with a Workgroup in your area of expertise or passion, please email the Glenn 2 Greatness Coordinator, Christine Taylor, at: ctaylor@glenncoe.org.

Glenn 2 Greatness is Growing their Own Workforce:  Stories from the Field

One of the incredible honors of working in Glenn county is seeing how its citizens come together and take time to look after one another. There is a rugged, rebel spirit of the wild west alive and well within the community in terms of growing our own resources. This mentality has extended beyond the area’s agricultural roots, and is now being touted by health industry leaders, like Glenn County Public Health Officer, Dr. Garrison. He forewarns another crisis is on the horizon if we don’t start growing our own healthcare providers.

According to Anthropologist Margaret Mead, “the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture was a femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed. Mead explained that a broken femur that has healed is evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the one who fell, has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery. Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts.”

Linda Riggle, Career Technical Education and K-12 Youth Employment Services Coordinator for Glenn County Office of Education, is a walking embodiment of this philosophy. Linda was born and raised in Willows, California. Coming from a broken background, Linda lived the life that shows what it means to be resilient not only in a physical sense, but in a spiritual and often mental sense as well. Linda’s life has reflected resilience and recovery, time and time again. As a young child, Linda went through a house fire 2 days after Christmas, suffered the loss of her mother to a brain aneurysm, and went into foster care all within a 10-month period. By the time Linda was a senior in high school, she moved out of the house, lived on her own, and worked weekends and nights as a waitress to pay her bills. Just 2 weeks after high school, she got married and had a baby by the time she was 19. Through her tenacity, strong will, and hard work ethic, she was promoted from waitress to restaurant manager, sales & marketing director, and eventually property manager. It was there that she realized the value of giving back to her community through teen mentorship and went on to pursue her teaching credential to become a hospitality instructor with Glenn County Office of Education at Willows High School. To this day, Linda has been with the county for 26 years. In addition to providing countywide services, including districts that her grandchildren are enrolled in, she’s brought in millions of grant dollars to programs across Glenn County. She is eager to bring in more student and instructor voices to the Glenn 2 Greatness collaborative. Her legacy exemplifies the importance of one life in one role in one community.

Linda Riggle convening with the North State Together County Network Coordinators and Committee Members at Chicago’s Strive Together Conference

Christine Taylor, Coordinator

What’s your military call sign? This summer’s mega-successful film, Maverick, had many people asking themselves what their call sign might be…

With Christine Taylor, the call sign is clear-it’s Maserati. What sets her apart is her ability to work quickly, with a dynamic personality. She masters the art of shifting gears according to the needs of the terrain and the crew with which she is caravanning.

Originally born in Taipei, Taiwan, Christine was brought overseas to the east coast by her missionary parents in the late 80s before the family decided to permanently settle in rural Northern California. Early formative years were spent growing up in a grassroots community and a bicultural household where East meets West. One of the community’s favorite memories of Christine is of her as a toddler running around at a pool party. Upon seeing a pool of water, Christine immediately dove in without any thought as to whether she could swim or not. The event was a foretelling moment in the formation of her personality.  New challenges are still met with the same boldness as she still tends to jump in with the desired outcomes in mind and the prerequisites trailing woefully behind as an afterthought.

Homeschooled for a majority of her high school career, Christine was able to accelerate and tailor her education and graduate with a diploma and associate’s degree at the age of seventeen. Desiring a gap year from the educational system, she decided the next logical decision was to get married, move to the state capitol, and have two beautiful girls by the age of 21. A couple years were spent chasing a career in business marketing and property management before deciding to return to the field of education.

Yet, life is filled with irony. Christine initially entered the workforce with a multiple subject teaching credential as the economy took a sharp turn. Vacant teaching positions were rare as school funding was slashed and veteran teachers were pink-slipped. Following a desire to work with youth, Christine joined the forces at Victor Treatment Centers (VTC) as a residential counselor. Later, she transitioned roles and joined the VTC educational team at North Valley School. It was an adventure serving students as a paraprofessional before interning as a high school teacher in a self-contained classroom filled with beautifully unique students working to heal from traumatic mental health needs. Even though the needs of the position could be intense, some of the work experiences at North Valley School are among Christine’s favorites: making memories with students at the onsite stables during equine therapy, receiving a hand-delivered, fresh-brewed cup of hot coffee crafted by a student at the CTE-run coffee shop, conducting a literary discussion in a warm greenhouse in the dead of winter, celebrating summer with the spring pig smoked slowly in a pit dug out at the barn, and hosting P.E. class at Whiskeytown Lake on kayaks.

Christine relocated to Glenn County when she remarried and began a family with a farmer she met on eHarmony. Together, they are raising their two teenage daughters and toddler son in the rural, agricultural community of Orland. Each day, they appreciate the service opportunities afforded to them, whether it be growing and preparing food for other families or delivering high quality educational services.

Christine was originally appointed coordinator for this network because of her extraordinary energy, intelligence, and innovative approach to project management. She was then elected by her peers to the position of Chair for the network’s executive steering committee.

Christine seeks to inspire action by living out her “Why Statement.” According to motivational speaker Simon Sinek, inspirational leadership begins with a “Why Statement.” Christine strives to be a creator of positive experiences. She enjoys fostering community connections and curating professional and personal resources so that others can thrive. In her words, “To live life is to master the art of meraki-completing every action with love and generosity, leaving a little piece of yourself behind in every creative work.” She invites others on a journey to live life to the fullest by seeing how they can serve their community.