What We Believe

  • Children are the future of rural places and should be supported on a pathway to upward mobility.
  • Families are foundational and should be provided with the opportunity, resources and support needed to ensure their children are on the pathway to educational success and upward mobility.
  • Proximate leaders, especially youth and families, are the voices of a place and should be the shapers of the rural narrative.
  • Systems should be designed to provide opportunities to students and their families, should be aligned to encourage access, and should be accountable to those they are designed to serve.

Our Mission

To ensure all youth and children in rural places have a pathway to upward mobility.

Our Vision

Our vision is a seamless partnership between our rural place-based organizations, federal agencies, and elected officials that supports cradle-to-career success for all rural children and youth.

The Rural-to-Rural Collaborative arises from informal connections and alignment between four rural place-based organizations: Partners for Rural Impact, Delta Health Alliance, North State Together and Campus Compact for New Hampshire.