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Through its current Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot, teachers and families and school administrators can learn more about the status of their child’s literacy and numeracy development, social and emotional development, and physical development at one key point in time. The Snapshot is an innovative, electronic application-based measure to be administered by teachers early in the school year to capture specific facets of what children entering school know and can do. Findings are intended to be used formatively at the classroom and school levels to support instructional planning and at the district level to better understand any changes that may emerge over time in the developmental readiness of children in the North State at school entry.

Questions included in the Snapshot are based on questions from other validated or commonly used assessments (i.e., Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), California Department of Education Preschool Learning Foundation’s 60 month Goals).

Easier To Use with Better Results

Starting with Fall 2020, North State Together’s Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot (KRS) system will be fully mobile compliant. This means that the KRS system can be used anywhere on any device with a WiFi connection. No more relying on an iOS app that needs to be downloaded to an iOS device and maintained. KRS assessments can now be done on a PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, even your smartphone.

Along with the conversion to a mobile compliant platform, the North State Together backbone team has worked to not only make KRS more user friendly, but to make the back-end and reporting more user friendly as well. Registering as a user is now more streamlined and reports are more meaningful. This new platform also gives North State Together the ability to work with its partners and those using the KRS system to expand and enhance the system even further in the future. This means better data, better reporting and better results for the region that North State Together and KRS serves.

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