Golden Bell Success: North State Together Boosts College Access Through Data Sharing

North State Together has played a pivotal role in expanding data sharing agreements across the region, fostering collaboration between North State Together, county offices of education, school districts, and community colleges. The organization’s efforts have focused on enhancing the transition process for high school students heading to Shasta College. By utilizing student-level high school data and matching it with application and matriculation data, North State Together provides valuable information to local high school counselors, enabling them to effectively guide and support students through Shasta College’s matriculation process. This collaborative approach with Shasta County Office of Education and high school counselors has led to notable increases in Shasta College enrollment and FAFSA completion rates, showcasing its effectiveness in bolstering students’ postsecondary options. The successful sharing of data has established a unified strategy in supporting students, earning recognition as a best practice with plans for replication in neighboring counties.

The project recently received a State Golden Bell award for its innovative work in increasing college access for students, following a validation process this fall. ( From left to right: James Crandall, Director of Data Strategies, North State Together (NST); Michelle Fairchild, Student Success Coordinator, Shasta College; Jamie Spielmann, Director of Planning & Development, NST; Heather Van Slyke, School Counselor, Shasta High School; Tara Schwerdt, School Counseling Coordinator, Shasta County Office of Education (SCOE); Judy Flores, Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, SCOE.

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